You qualify for the early registration fee, good through 03/24/2024

The meal signup deadline has passed, you can only signup campers without meals


Registration Instructions:

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  • Fill out the information below.
  • Add Campers to the People Attending area.
  • Read the registration FAQ if you have any other questions.
  • If you have an issue or something goes wrong, please open a ticket here.
  • We no longer accept checks for registration
  • Having someone else do your registration - use this worksheet
  • Need a list of fees
  • Have volunteers?


  • If you have a very long list of people you can take a break and download your progress, see below in section 2.
  • Payment options have changed, we no longer take e-check, however, we do now accept American express and Discover.
  • Meals are no longer offered for Pow-Wow except Saturday. 
  • We've stopped checking charter status all outposts now get the same price!
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    Fee Information


    You currently have a negative balance. There are no refunds on unused payments, you may return and apply the balance to new attendees. Unused balances expire the 2nd day of Pow Wow.