Pow-Wow Pricing Information*


Each Camper will receive a hat, patch and customized event lanyard with their name imprinted.

  • Read the registration FAQ if you have any other questions.
  • If you have a question or concern, please open a ticket here.
  • If you can only pay by Check - follow the instructions here
  • Having someone else do your registration - use this worksheet
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*note - general prices do not include discounts you may be elgible for, please subtract any discounts from general pricing rates


Ranger Kid Camper $70.00
Discovery Ranger $65.00
Adventure Ranger $65.00
Expedition Ranger $65.00
Leader (18+) $65.00
Sr. Pastor $0.00
Saturday Visitor $20.00
Ranger Kid Day - Ranger Kid $20.00


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Early Camping

Early Wed. Camping$5.00
Early Thur. Camping$5.00
Early Wed+Thur Camping$10.00


Early Registration Discount - Campers $10.00
Early Registration Discount - Ranger Kid Day $2.00
Charter Discount (*Applies to only certain fee items) %10